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Some Travel Myths about Virunga National Park Congo

09 Jun
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Some Travel Myths about Virunga National Park Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo is formally known as Zaire from 1971 to 1997  is located in Central Africa, its not a land locked country as it has sea outlet port on Atlantic ocean and the second largest country in Africa and the 11th in the entire world. The Country borders the Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, and South Sudan to the north; Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania to the east; Zambia and Angola to the south; and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. With a population of over 79 million, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the most populated officially Francophone country, the 4th most populated nation in Africa and the 19th most populated country in the world.

Virunga National Park is located in the Democratic republic of Congo and its the Africa’s oldest National Park in the World that was created in 1925  during the Rule of the Colonial Masters. its the home to the mountain Gorillas and Mount Nyiragongo. The most important safari Activities taking place in this park are Gorilla Trekking and Climbing Nyiragongo as revealed by the official Site of Virunga National park( www.virunganationalpark.com).

Nyiragongo Volcano bloggers have decided to bring the best travel information about Congo as opposed to other travel writers and these are Myths that travelers tend to have when planning to visit Congo for ultimate Safari Experience.

It’s not wrong to claim that we are surrounded by a world of travel myths. They stop us from building the courage and making our travel dreams come true. Most of these are complete devoid of any logic and we still do not question them. Travel myths can be very absurd.

Here are some commonly believed travel myths that we must stop believing in soon.

1.Un safeness of Democratic Congo

many travelers and official sites of advised many travelers to stay away from Democratic republic of Congo, but in practical information and sense its okey to adventure some parts of Congo like the Virunga National Park( Lake Kivu), Kahuzi biega National Park Bukavu, but its not safe for Self drive or independent travelers. According to the Section for Security on this site we mention the way to adventure the beauty of Africa in Democratic Republic of Congo.

2. Un affordable Costs

A lot of us drop our travel plans because we believe it is too expensive to travel in Democratic Republic of Congo, the expense is worthy the Experience gained and  It’s true that you will have to face travel costs, but they don’t have to be abnormal for the trip to be a successful one. This is where careful planning plays a major role. Sadly, a lot of travelers do not realize it and end up giving up on their travel plans. Travel can be very expensive to plan if it’s not done right.

In democratic Republic of Congo  safari operators charge highly but they include the security of you the travelers as they hire guards for per vehicle for protection.

2. Unsafe World

Here is another reason why some people fail to travel to Congo. The television and newspaper are full of depressing news about how unsafe the Democratic republic of Congo  has become. This plays around with the mind and travelers think it is just not safe to travel around Congo.

The destination you travel to can be very unsafe for you. However, that goes for all the places on this planet; even your hometown. There are several ways through which you can ensure that you are safe and sound. Firstly, if you are traveling alone ensure that someone from back home knows about all your travel plans. At the new destination, act street smart and avoid roaming out and about alone.

3. Too Less Time

This is one of the most common reasons for people not to travel. They believe they can’t let their travel dreams come true because they simply have no time for it. Work commitments can often make them delay their travel plans. If you are one of those, you are not alone there.

However, let’s face the truth. It is very easy to plan a break and you certainly don’t need a lot of time. Simply a weekend getaway can be ideal for making memories and taking a break from the same old routine. You just need to plan sensibly.


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