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Guide To Nyiragongo Hiking Adventure Tour

06 Jul

Guide To Nyiragongo Hiking Adventure Tour

This is the most interesting activity performed by many travelers while on their tours in Congo, one can ask him/her self whether camping is possible while he/she is on the safari in Congo, this is a unique question with a unique answer of “ YES”. It was July last year when I got interested in visiting the amazing Democratic Republic of Congo, few days after I contacted my friends to assess whether they were also interested in visiting Africa.

The first question they also asked me was whether camping was possible in the country we  were preparing to visit. Fortunately we were all in our annual leave that we took from our work places since it is mandatory for every employee in our country(Italy).

After them accepting, we prepared our tour with the most prominent tour company in Uganda known as Nature Adventure Uganda Limited, by September last year we had concluded with all the preparations and even Moses had already provided us already with the itinerary that was indicating how we were to move from Uganda to DR Congo. In the same month we started our journey to Uganda where we reached almost in the wee hours.

Surprisingly, we did not know whether Moses and his workmates slept because by that time we found them already at the airport waiting for us. They gave us a humble welcome and they instructed us to enter into the tour car, they took us to a nearby hotel from where we rested till sunshine rose. Since we were took tired. On that very day we couldn’t manage traveling to Congo but instead we stayed at the hotel to refresh our minds and also preparing for the journey. At this Hotel we were charged economically for stay.

In the morning hours at around, 4:30am, we boarded our Super custom and we started our journey to DRC. The reason as to why we used road transport was we wanted to learn much geographically and physically while on the journey from the experienced tour guides that is Moses and his workmates. The journey to DRC took us around 7 hours after crossing the border we went straight to Bukima Tented Camp our first camping site  which was booked earlier before us going to DRC, here we were charged economically for a double occupancy.

What was so amazing was that we did not only did camping here but we got even an opportunity of watching mountain Gorillas that kept on Wandering into the camp, we also saw the Nyiragongo Volcano whose lava lake colours the night sky with a red glow.

From here the next day we traveled to Lulimbi Tented Camp in the heart of Virunga and we were charged economically on double occupancy and we were so surprised for the prices being unique compared with the highly valuable services we were provided while camping. While here we were given a chance under the guidance of the rangers to participate in wildlife counting and visual heath check ups.

The next day we went to a place where every person would wish to be before coming back from the safari, this place is known as Tchegera Island Tented Camp. For sure, the place is nice for vacations and it’s the place where you can even forget most of your stressing problems because of the cold winds one experiences while on the shores of  L.Kivu. the price here were slightly low per night and it was also on Full board.

Since we couldn’t move away minus enjoying the boat trips on Lake.Kivu, we paid for this activity  $100 for the group. Birds we watched here include, African eagle, cormorant, herons and gulls.

Since we had to camp for three days only, we had to spend another night here as we were preparing for our return to Uganda. For real, this was a true camping experience and therefore, I cannot miss camping again. Check about the Accommodations available in Nyiragongo including sleeping at the top of the Volcano.

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