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How To Travel Budget While On A Road Trip in Africa

12 Nov
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How To Travel Budget While On A Road Trip in Africa

Self driving in Africa, Road tripping in the Wild

Going on a Self drive in Uganda is one of the most fun and memorable things you can do. Despite the fact that traveling can be expensive, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an equally great time on a budget! In that case, before you hit the open road, remember to carefully prep beforehand by researching future costs, destinations, and itinerary options.

Calculate all your costs before you travel

You will need to research about everything you plan to buy while travelling. Try finding out the places at the destination you will be visiting with better deals and local markets that are not often visited by tourists. When you have an estimate of the costs of your future purchases, you can make well-informed decisions on investing in certain places over others and know for a fact you’re saving money.

Pack your own food and drinks

Apart from accommodation, food can be the one of the most expensive part of a safari. Pack some major food stuff and drinks before you travel to avoid impulsive buying along the way. Having a cooler is a good idea such that your food will be safe as you travel.

 Familiarize yourself with the route

When you map out the drive before a road trip, you can determine where you can stop for cheap gas, look for alternative directions in case you get lost, and find out where the best pit-stops will be on the journey. Knowing your route would ease the stress in the situation where you do get lost since you would have no reason to panic since you will know the area like the back of your hand.

Choose to drive a car with a good fuel consumption

The better the fuel consumption of the car, the more you save some money. A couple of cents at the gas station can sometimes lead to exceeding your budget without even realizing.

 Avoid traveling during peak seasons

During the peak season, prices of most products goes high more especially food and lodging because that’s when all tourists start to travel. While it may seem fine to take a road trip during these times, you’re going to save a lot of money if you travel in the low season. On the other hand you may as well avoid congested places, where all tourists like to be.

Consider camping

In addition to your lodging accommodations, you might consider camping. There are always camping stops on the sides of roads where you can park your car for a night and sleep under the stars. Nothing compares to the unique experience of embracing nature when camping. While you don’t necessarily have to go camping for your road trip overall, it does gives the journey a refreshing and new way to wind down and experience the world.

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