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Best time to visit

Your Wondering when is it  safe  to visit Nyiragongo for a climbing Adventure in Congo, Dont miss to watch the active volcano in Congo on a Congo Safari Holiday.

When planning your Virunga National Park Safari  holiday it’s wise to do a bit of research on when to go for the experience that you want in Congo As a general rule, Democratic Republic of Congo is warm and sunny throughout most of the year and even regions within a country experience a variety of climates. The key thing to remember if you’re planning a Congo safari is the difference between the dry and wet seasons.

When to Visit

Nyiragongo volcanoes can be visited all year round but keep in mind there is unpredictable weather changes such as regular rains during certain months of the year because Nyiragongo is in the middle of equatorial rain forests. Like from March to May and as well as November tends to be a rainy season.

The dry season begins in June to October and also December. So during the dry seasons  the forest are always clear giving you a chance to enjoy and take photographs of the stunning landscape views of the greater Virunga mountains national park.

Nyiragongo Hike & Gorilla trekking in Congo is a year-round activity but Nyiragongo hike will be  appreciative during the drier and cooler months of January and February and again from June to September.

Hiking & Gorilla Permit  Costs

Gorilla Permit costs USD 400

Nyiragongo Hike costs USD 300.