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Sleeping on Top Summit of Mount Nyiragongo in Virunga National Park

09 Jun
Nyiragongo Hike

Sleeping on Top Summit of Mount Nyiragongo in Virunga National Park

As Many travelers think of climbing Nyiragongo Mountain in Virunga National Park claim that its worth an adventure but it comes with more Experience like Sleeping at the top of the summit which is like sleeping in the Tree house in other nations or countries as i experienced it during my visit in last year 2015.

Climbing of Nyiragongo is an active Safari Activity that is mainly offered by Virunga National Park and various tour Operators are Ranking it to the second Activity after the Gorilla Trekking Experience. Various Accommodations are around but in reality only four Lodges are Safe for Accommodation like Mikeno Lodge , Nyiragongo Summit , as the saying goes never Risk life but you can risk money, Dont look for cheap Hotels of locals when your Visiting Democratic republic of Congo in the Virunga Region and security is an issue to consider.

Nyiragongo HikeSleeping at the top of the summit is like sleeping under the tree house as it also encompasses climbing up and cross the bridge to go for short call, maybe because it is something different, or maybe because the human subconscious understands that a few million years ago it was something normal. Even after our arboreal ancestors stopped living in trees, they still climbed up to sleep because it felt safe like camping in the Volcano of Virunga National Park.

Lately a lot of places around the world are seeing renewed interest in tree houses and camping at top summits of active volcanoes and on Craters of former lave lake , Democratic Republic of Congo– with its vast stretches of primary forest and ubiquitous, durable hardwoods – is no exception. These days, visitors have to sleep in at the summit on the day of climbing of the Mount like sleeping in tree houses not just because it’s awesome, but also because they care about Virunga National Park conservation.

Wherever you happen to be traveling in  Virunga National Park in Congo for Either Gorilla Trekking don’t miss to add on Climbing Nyiragongo on the Congo Safari to Ensure you earn an extra service of how the top summit accommodation looks like as compared to sleeping in Trees and you will likely be near Lava lakes and Craters.

Congo Gorilla TrekkingIn Virunga National Park only there are three Safari Lodges and one is at the top which is the only accommodation facility around the Nyiragongo Hike. Be a ware that all Travelers that request to adventure this active volcano have to hike a porter at 12 USD and no food at the top so travelers must request their accommodations lodges to pack for them food & Water, Find the Ways to ensure that the Tour Operator you have used is well informed about the Congo Requirements like Arranging Nyiragongo permit and Gorilla permit which costs USD 300 and 400 Respectively.

Plan for the unexpected

Slow travel is the Democratic republic of Congo to Virunga National Park and Travelers always carry some little extra money or Credit cards to guide you in the unseen Situations.

While a few sections of the road, particularly around southern & Eastern Lake Kivu are paved or in the process of becoming paved, much of it is gravel. Towns are spaced well apart, so services are few. Instead of hotels, travelers will mostly encounter hospitable family-run guesthouses  and we recommend hotels managered by Virunga National Park. Here, a little planning goes long way. Travelers should always carry detailed maps, extra food and water, tents and sleeping bags for those visiting Nyiragongo and have not slept at Mikeno Lodge.

Time routes accordingly

If you only have one week, focus on important safari activities like Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National park that can be done in three days and even hiking Nyiragongo done in two Days and Chimpanzee tracking as a Nature walk in the Jungle Forest,  but incase of you have short time in Congo enjoy only Gorilla Tours, or Hike Nyiragongo.

7 Days Congo Safari can be enough to to adventure all the entire Eastern and Southern Lake Kivu in Kahuzi Biega National Park, Virunga National Park with the view of the most important safari Activities like Gorilla Trekking, Nyiragongo Climbing and Lowland Gorillas, but just know that Congo adventures are Expensive , Better pay high than paying cheap and you risk the enjoyment of your Vacation. These less developed areas offer some of the most interesting sites and more authentic cultural experiences and Apes Adventure.

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