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What is Mikeno Package on Nyiragongo Hike

28 Feb
Mikeno Package for Nyiragongo Volcano

What is Mikeno Package on Nyiragongo Hike

What’s mikeno package for Nyiragongo Hike

Welcome to the complete guide about the mikeno package when planning for Nyiragongo Volcano hike, why should you need a mikeno package , why you should hire a porter for the hike package, and other guidelines when booking a nyiragongo hike to Congo’s virunga national park.

Highlights of Congo Safari

Nyiragongo hiking package The Democratic Republic of the Congo often shortened to DRC or D.R. Congo is the largest and most populous country in Central Africa. It straddles the Equator and is surrounded by Angola to the southwest; Angola’s Cabinda exclave and the Republic of the Congo to the northwest; the Central African Republic to the north; South Sudan to the northeast; Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania in the east from north to south; and Zambia to the southeast

Although the Democratic Republic of the Congo is no longer considered as risky as it used to be, it remains a destination for only the most seasoned, hardcore African traveler. It is not a country for the casual “tourist”: the average backpacker, holidaymaker, and especially those seeking luxury safaris or organized cultural experiences.

Democratic republic of Congo is a virgin destination in Africa that can be visited for adventures and expeditious holidays for honeymoon & Explorers , find the most reliable Congo based tour company like Ultimate gorilla expeditions to offer you the most competitive price and Rates for the 3 days Nyiragongo Hike adventure.

Overview of Nyiragongo Volcano

Kibati Station

The Lava Lake of the Nyiragongo Volcano, the largest in the world — This volcano, famous for its lava lake, is a technically easy climb from the direction of Goma. A trip to the top should take  6 hours, most climbers spend the night at the top. This also makes it possible to see the boiling lava by night, when it becomes even brighter.

Mikeno Package Highlights

What’s Mikeno package meaning to the practical life, Mikeno package is the set of equipment that are supplied to those who wish to go nyiragongo hike,Parking gear and Food Pack: is what is pre arranged to those who might be spending an overnight stay in park accommodation the night before your climb, you are offered the option of reserving a meal plan and gear for the climb at a cost of USD 100.

Travelers that will not have spent their night in any of the virunga lodges will have to pay an extra of $56 for delivering the package to kibati, the package comes with a cook (included) he is part of the package for the entire period spend on the mountain ,will carry all the food up the mountain.

The meal plan includes snacks and sandwiches on the way up, coffee and tea at the top, a hot dinner (cooked veggies, pasta, chicken curry and cake), and a hot breakfast (coffee, toast, eggs, sausage and fruit)., the gear pack in the pack would include a large backpack, 4 liters of water, winter sleeping bag, liner, fleece, heavy jacket, rain poncho and rain cover for the pack.

This is extremely helpful as it saves you to travel light to Africa what misses in the package would be the tooth paste, touch mosquito repellents, be aware of the safari red aunts so its better to have these on board.

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