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How to Obtain Mount Nyiragongo Hike Permit

23 Jul
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How to Obtain Mount Nyiragongo Hike Permit

Planning a hike adventure to visit Mount Nyiragongo in Democratic republic of congo? The visitation comes with the purchase of what is called Nyiragongo Hiking Permit that is sold by Virunga National Park. Visiting the World’s Largest Lava Lake; Mount Nyiragongo,in democratic republic of Congo ,The deal with Eastern Congo is that if you buy a permit to their National Park to visit this

The Most travelers find it complicated to establish the real cost of the Nyiragongo Hike permit in Democratic republic of congo during the visit to Virunga National Park, the lack of information regarding the cost of the nyiragongo hiking permit as sparked off the writing of this article with focus to the cost of the nyiragongo Permit to virunga .

The Increased number of visitors that inquiry about nyiragongo hiking tours mainly from tour operators and Virunga National Park officials , mostly focusing on 3 Days Nyiragongo Hike to Democratic republic of congo which always comes with two nights stay one in goma or Mikeno Lodge or Hotels in Goma in preparation for the most awaited Safari Hiking of Hiking through the various changing vegetation cover to reach the top of the mountain to view the World’s Largest Lava Lake on the top.

How much is the cost of the Nyiragongo Hike Permit.

In Democratic republic of congo , Virunga National Park is located in the northern side of lake kivu and the Nyiragongo Hike permit is cheaper than the Gorilla permit by 100USD as the Nyiragongo Hike permit is only 300$$$ including an overnight stay at the top of the Summit , but it doesn’t include food that’s why its advisable to include the nyiragongo Hiking Mikeno Package that includes Food . This mikeno package costs USD 100 and if planning for Nyiragongo Hiking adventure always bare in Mind the Mikeno Package Fee.

How to Book Nyiragongo Hike Permit.

The Nyiragongo Hiking permit can be booked via a Tour Operator or Virunga National Park officials , Find the list of recommended tour Operators that are offering Nyiragongo Hiking adventures to Congo . If your within Congo please go to Virunga National Park offices in Goma and Bunagana office to buy your Nyiragongo  permit direct from park offices.

How to Secure Transportation in DR Congo on Nyiragongo Hiking Adventure

Group transportation are common in Democratic republic of congo mostly once your going for adventure tour to Gorillas & Nyiragongo Hike , There are many transport companies / Car Hire companies that offer Transportation services to travelers that explore Mountain Gorillas , Eastern Lowland Gorillas and Hiking adventures like Car rental Congo is the most recommended Private Car rental Company that offers car hire with driver but Self drive Safaris are not allowed in Goma ( DR congo) as they are safe.

climb the Nyiragongo Volcano and visit the lava lake, you’ll be happy to have parted with your money.

How much dose Congo Tourist Visa Cost

Planning for a Nyiragongo Hike safari can be complicated when it comes to application for a congo tourists visa as its a requirement by the park official or tour operators to first make a down payment of the Nyiragongo Hiking Permit or accommodation in order to secure the discounted tourists visa to make sure you enjoy a nyiragongo Safari Holiday in Democratic republic of congo. The congo tourist visa requires 7 Days working days for Visa Processing and if you book your tour with Reliable tour operator , they will help you get your tourist visa to Congo at no extra charge and for those applying for DR-Congo Visa direct it cost $100

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