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Difficulty of Mount Nyiragongo Hike: A Trek to the World’s Largest Lava Lake

29 Sep
Virunga Gorillas

Difficulty of Mount Nyiragongo Hike: A Trek to the World’s Largest Lava Lake


Democratic republic of congo is the most popular holiday destination in the world because of the large lave lake in the world found in the Virunga National Park that is home for the mountain gorillas & Hiking trails to see the most active volcano in the world. Your hiking Vacation to  DR congo can be customized as per your budget, interest, time framing and the difficulty level of trip.

Various Congo Safari Companies have option for all kinds of travelers either you are looking for daring adventurous trips of the relaxed holidays. Every tour operators from Africa categorizes their tour/trek/holiday packages in different categories like easy, moderate, challenging, strenuous and many other but nobody defines it clearly.

We have tried to give some idea for all travelers who are interested to visit Nyiragongo Volcano in the eastern part of Democratic republic for gorilla trekking & Nyiragongo Hiking expeditions which among the reliable Tour operators include Gorilla Expeditions, Primate Safaris Rwanda, Congo Gorilla Safaris and Active Africa Vacations . This article helps you to know the basic meaning of trip grading in Congo when its hiking Nyiragongo Volcano which is very important to select the suitable trip for you.

When to go for Nyiragongo Hiking

The best seasons for trekking are the dry and warm seasons, March-June and September-November. During these times, the temperature is bearable and skies are usually clear, although the skies are foggier and the rain begins in May-June. It is possible to trek out of season, but expect rain and leeches during the summer monsoon season and severe cold and closed passes during the winter months.

During the monsoon season, the treks are virtually empty of travellers. Most rain usually comes at night; days are cloudy with less rain.  The skies are still cloudy and it rains occasionally. In mornings the skies may be clearer, but the views are still nowhere as good as during the trekking season.

Experience & Fitness

There are treks suitable for a wide range of experience and physical fitness. If you can walk uphill for a few hours each day, then you can find a suitable trek in Nyiragongo. An easy trek with  Park support (guide/porter) and teahouse accomodation is quite attainable for anyone who is reasonably fit. Longer treks, crossing high passes and into remote regions demand a higher degree of endurance.

What to Bring on Trekking adventure to Virunga National Park

The main essentials to bring are sturdy and comfortable hiking boots, a sleeping bag (depending on your accommodation), a daypack, and a few changes of clothes for the varying temperatures. For cold weather, hiking pants, thermals, gloves, neck warmer/scarf, beanie, a warm inner jacket and a windproof / waterproof outer jacket are essential. It is very common for the local people to throw garbage in the nature.

Please consider taking water purification supplies with you so that you don’t have to buy water in plastic bottles, as you don’t know what happens to the empty bottles. Other items to bring include a hiking stick or two, waterproof case, fabric bandages such as moleskin, a headlamp, altitude sickness and other medication, a camera, and binoculars.

On the popular trekking routes, everyday supplies, such as toilet paper, soap, chocolate bars, and even basic hiking supplies can be purchased along the way, though prices rise dramatically as you go higher in elevation. Try to stock up lower down and buy locally-produced products such as fruit, coconut biscuits and bon bon biscuits.


Luxury Trips/Luxury Holiday Packages:-

The trip that includes no hiking or walking activities and can be done  all the way via  flight are categorized in this grade. No any prior experienced and physical fitness is required for this kind of trips. Some of these trips can be done by differently able people (people with disabilities). We also operate the trips that suits to differently able people as well. Here are some luxury trip details offered by Massif Holidays Helicopter Tours

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