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Virunga national Park Located in Congo has Accommodations that are from Budget to Luxury, Bed & fast, However Hotels and lodges in Virunga park are only three and may seem to be luxury compared to Rwanda Lodges.

The cost of accommodation is significant for any traveler exploring the Democratic Republic of Congo visiting the southern Sector in Virunga National Park, but wherever you travel, you’re almost certain to find a good-quality, reasonably priced motel or hotel. If you’re prepared to pay a little extra, wonderful historic hotels and lodges can offer truly memorable experiences.

Looking for Where to Stay During Nyiragongo Hike in Virunga National Park

Wherever you stay, you’ll be expected to pay in advance, at least for the first night and perhaps for further nights, too. Most hotels ask for a credit card imprint when you arrive, but some still accept cash.

Travelers visiting Nyiragongo Volcano Just know that we have only one type of Accommodation and you have no other Option of Booking any other Lodge other than the Virunga Lodge of Nyiragongo Shelter Summit.

Enjoy the privileges of Staying at Mekino Lodge in Virunga during the Nyiragongo Hike to get the complete package of the sleeping materials to be used in the Nyiragongo Overnight and food due to the fact that the park only carters for travelers that have booked a night at the Safari Lodge.

Accommodation Reservations in Mount Nyiragongo – essential in busy in summer  Reservations can be booked through our Email or the most reliable Safari Companies that are recommended on this Guide to be offering Congo Safaris.


Hostel-type accommodation is not as plentiful in the Democratic Republic of Congo as it is in Kenya, Tanzania, but provision for backpackers and low-budget travelers does exist. Unless you’re traveling alone, most hostels cost about the same as motels; stay in them only if you prefer their youthful ambience, energy and sociability. Congo is   not accessible on public transport.