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Welcome to Nyiragongo Volcano an authentic Guide to Nyiragongo Crater,Getting there, Climbing & Hikes to Virunga, Nyiragongo Facts, Where to stay, What to expect on an African Safari Vacation trip, when to visit,  Safari Planner, Mikeno Package/Camping Gears & Trusted Tour operators, Gorilla Trekking Congo, Nyiragongo Hiking Permit.

Mount Nyiragongo Volcano is a travel portal offering Hiking tours & information to travelers planning a congo safari to virunga national park, Dont miss the chance to visit Nyiragongo Volcano.

Climbing Nyiragongo is ranked as the best tour packages and safaris offered by congo safari companies that are offering safaris to Virunga National park where Mount Nyiragongo is located . Nyiragongo volcano is one eight volcanoes in the Virunga Range, African Rift Valley. Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira volcanoes are located at the western end of the range of Virunga national Park.Few volcanoes are as spectacular as Mount Nyiragongo  known for its active lava lake and (relatively) frequent eruptions, this incredible volcano has the potential for widespread disaster, but its open for Hiking by Tourists, its done on 3 Days Hiking Safari to Congo.

Getting  there to Goma

Safari Jeep VirungaMount Nyiragongo volcano is located in virunga national park the oldiest park in Africa, there are various ways to get to Kibati station where all the hiking adventures to the top of the world’s most active volcano in Africa. Nyiragongo can be accessed through Kigali international airport and take 4 hours drive to gisenyi , crossing to Congo into the Goma town, the nearest town to virunga national park.  Accessing Kibati Station may require you to travel in 4×4 safari jeep. Self Drive East Africa has started car rental Services in Rwanda , Uganda , Burundi, DR congo , Kenya & Tanzania catering for all transfers within the Region.


Where to Stay in Congo/ accommodations

Coming to Democratic republic of congo for Nyiragongo Hiking adventure tour in Virunga National Park, Your required to secure an overnight stay in either Goma or Gisenyi before or after the start of the hiking tour . Find a list of all accommodations , Hotels and Safari lodges located in democratic republic of congo during the climbing adventure tour to mount nyiragongo to enjoy overnight stay on the top of the Africa’s active volcano in the cabin shelter with a mikeno package( Camping gears)

How to Obtain a Nyiragongo Hiking Permit & Cost.

Planning a Hike Safari to Mount Nyiragongo in congo? Your required to buy Nyiragongo Hiking permit to Mount nyiragongo which can be obtained through a tour operator or through Virunga National park , Please note that the nyiragongo permit should be booked in advance to avoid disappointments as they are sold on first come , first serve like the case for the gorilla permit and its costing USD 300 per person excluding the mikeno package / camping gears, food and this mikeno package they charge USD 100 per person .

Please Note:The number of paxs allowed to hike nyiragongo is 24 pax due to limited cabins at the Top where by there is only 12 each being occupied by two paxs

What to Bring on Nyiragongo Hiking Safari

Nyiragongo VolcanoVisitors coming for nyiragongo hiking adventures should take note that the temperature at the top of the mount is below the freezing point and they are advised to park rightly:

  1. Remember to bring: Rain gear (trousers, rain jacket), head lamp, sleeping bag and plenty of warm clothes.
  2. A porter costs 24US$ and can carry 15 Kg. You probably want to buy a bag of coal at the station (5$, 5 kg) which the guide and porters will light for you at the rim huts, and you can cook whatever food you brought.
  3. Bring walking poles. You can buy a Nyiragongo stick
  4. You need to bring all your food and water. 5 liters.
  5. You leave Goma around 8:30 am.
  6. Always difficult trek, We give each person (2 guides for 2 people) each 10$, and the porters 5$ .
  7. The rangers speak very little English just so you know.

Congo Safari Agents

Congo Safari CompaniesTrusted Tour operators which can arrange safaris to Nyiragongo in Democratic republic of Congo, tours and gorilla trekking safari holidays including Rwanda safaris .You can visit Nyiragongo Volcano for a Hiking tour to Congo with one of Congo safari companies, find the complete list of tour operators based in Congo to help you plan a Memorable Congo Safari holiday, Guided tour to congo helps you to save you from stress of border crossing from Rwanda to Congo. Many Tour Operators in DR congo have started offering Gorilla & Nyiragongo Hiking adventures to explore the great Virunga National Park.



Congo Gorilla trekking Guide,

Congo Gorilla TrekkingMountain Gorillas can be seen in Virunga Massif that is shared by Rwanda, Uganda & Democratic republic of congo, in the same national park where nyiragongo climbing is done is the home to the mountain gorillas the biggest primates in the world , don’t miss the chance to watch the gorillas at the most cheapest price ever by just securing the gorilla permit at only USD 400. Go gorilla trekking in virunga national park starting with the trekking at Bukima Station ,congo has 10 gorilla families but only 6 gorilla groups are habituated for trekking, you will watch the gorillas with the ranger guides and experienced Gorilla trackers. The gorilla trekking in congo is more ease than the case in Uganda & Rwanda , as this activity can even last as short as 1 hours to meet these apes in their homes feeding. Find all the facts about adding a uganda safari vacation with Nyiragongo Volcano Climbing Experience.

Nyiragongo Hiking Safaris

Nyiragongo Hiking Safaris are customized by various Tour Operators and the short Hike Expedition is 2 Days Nyiragongo Safari however Experts to Congo have revealed that Volcano Hike Safari can be joined with Mountain Gorilla Visit in Virunga National Park. Find the complete list of Congo Safari Companies that will enable you Enjoy an Expedition to Nyiragongo Volcano like 3 Days Nyiragongo Climbing Safari.

Nyiragongo Facts

Nyiragongo volcano is among the most active volcanoes  in Africa and its located in Democratic Republic of Congo in Virunga National Park. It is noted for long active lava lakes which appear in the summit crater. Nyiragongo is one of eight volcanoes in the Virunga Mountains( Nyamuragira which is also an active volcano but not open for hiking due to Transportation Difficult and Hard to Reach).

What type of plate boundary is Mount Nyiragongo on?

Nyiragongo is a steep-sided, active volcano. It is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nyiragongo and the shield volcano of Nyamuragira, 40 km away, are part of the East African Rift Valley. This is an area of many faults where the plates are being stretched as they move away from each other.

What type of volcano is Mount Nyiragongo?

Nyiragongo volcano (3470m) is a large basaltic strato volcano located about 15 km north of the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The volcano is famous for persistent lava lake activity in its huge summit crater.
In 2002 Nyiragongo erupted and the lava lake drained from fissures on its western flanks. The city centre of the Goma town, the capital of the East Virunga province, had been destroyed by voluninous lava flows. 200,000 people were left homeless, its the largest Eruption that displaced people in Congo.

The most common type of Nyiragongo volcanic eruption occurs when magma is released from a volcanic vent. Nyiragongo Eruptions can be effusive, where lava flows like a thick, sticky liquid, or explosive, where fragmented lava explodes out of a vent.Nyiragongo Eruptions started way back in 1977 and it killed around 100 People  and again it erupted in 1994 and Later ,2002 up to the present its among the top Active Volcanoes in the World.Nyiragongo is experiencing the Vulcanian type of  eruptions  as it has been repetitive since 2002.

Eruption Stages

  • 2016 it has been erupting up to the late march and this made the Virunga National Park to cancel the trekkers that had booked Nyiragongo Hike were refunded the hiking fee of USD 300. In march the Second lava Lake was formed at the Top.
  • 2013 Nyiragongo remains active in January 2013 lava lake remains active in the top crater.
  • 2009 An increase in volcanic lava was detected at Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo and it indicated that it was active still.
  • 2002 Eruption another Serious eruption began at Nyiragongo Volcano on  January 2002 with lava flows reaching the city of Goma in southern Kivu.
  • 1994, Eruption also took place at Nyiragongo Hike in Virunga National Park.

Visit the Itombwe Mountains that are known for Being the home for the Eastern Lowland Gorillas in Democratic republic of congo which are at the boundary of Albertine Rift valley Mountains and Virunga Mountains in Africa. Plan a Hiking Holiday with reliable Congo Safari Company. Explore all national parks of congo by visiting the congo park guide for detailed information about all Congo Parks.

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