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Getting there

Congo is a vibrant region full of mystery, beauty, and ancient cultural experiences. It is ripe for exploration.

We realize that safety is a primary concern for travelers these days and it is important to stay updated on  internal issues that may affect travel in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Because it is not yet completely safe in all parts of the DRC it is important to choose a tour operator that is knowledgeable about local conditions. Some tour operators are beginning to offer Eco  safaris to the Congo. These tour operators will safely bring you to your destination.

By Air

From Kigali International Airport it is a 3-hour taxi ride to the Rwanda border crossing at Gisenyi on Lake Kivu. You can stay overnight in Gisenyi about 7 km from the border and enjoy the beautiful views across Lake Kivu or cross the border and stay in Goma and find accommodations there for the night. Your local guides will assist you with your border crossing and finding accommodations.

By Road

The primary entry points to Virunga National Park are through Goma, the main entry point, and Bunagana (southwest Uganda)

The best way to reach Goma, by road, is from neighboring Rwanda. From Kigali, it will take about three hours to reach Goma.  The border crossing, at Goma, will require a valid Congolese tourist visa and passport. A tourist visa to enter the Congo will cost $100.

At the border crossing you will normally change vehicles. From the border it is a short 10 minute walk to Goma where you will have your Passport checked and visa stamped and can meet your vehicle from the Virunga National Park.  If traveling from Uganda the shortest way to reach Virunga is through the Bunagana border crossing where a local visa can be purchased.

Various car hire companies offer transportation to Congo & Rwanda. However, at this time it’s not safe to visit Congo on a self drive adventure.  Click here to view the car rental companies that can serve you during your gorilla expeditions to the Congo.